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Movement advertising season 13/14

by the way, Movement has a brand new website, go check out the products and team updates!

by the way, Movement has a brand new website, go check out the products and team updates!


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RISE, want more?

Check out the official website and like the official Facebook page


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RISE, the trailer

Last winter I’ve been filming with Laurent Jamet and Thibault Duchosal on their new ski movie project: RISE. I’m super excited to see it coming on big screen in a couple of weeks from now. It’s gonna be a blast! Waiting for the première and the tour dates, watch and enjoy the trailer right here


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ITW (french) in about Rise

C. Yves Garneau


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2 weeks in BC

A month and a half ago I flew to Canada for a 2 weeks trip. I had first planned a mission up the Tantalus glacier, with some of my team mates @ Arcteryx, for a few days touring and sleeping in a hut, but due to poor weather conditions, we had to abort it. Instead, in company of super welcoming and outdoors freaks locals, I’ve spent a week based in Vancouver, skiing near-by spots such as Baker, Whistler, Duffy Lake, Squamish…great experience, despite the relatively warm weather.
For the second leg of the trip, I’ve hooked up with Movement team rider Ilir Osmani, photog Yves Garneau and filmer Mitch Cheek, for a week of heliski in one of the mecca: the wild Bella Coola mountain range.
So here’s a picture summary of 2 weeks spent in BC Canada in the end of March/beginning of April, thanks to Movement and Arcteryx!

Read the behind the “behind the shots” caption by dragging the pointer on the pics, clic for full size.
Enjoy the warm months!

I'm always facinated when flying over the icy cap of the ArcticAfter 7 hoursJustin Lamoureux, local snowboarder and Arcteryx team mate took me on his backyard for a memorable day. Of course, I got kicked off the sled a few times! playground


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9 mind blowing minutes

Friend and pro-photog, Oskar Enander, was among the 4 finalists at the Olympus Pro Photographer Showdown in Whistler. Here’s the slideshow that he has submited for the final. It’s always a bliss to work with Oskar and I’m super stoked to be featured in 8 or 9 shots of his slideshow. Seat back and enjoy the mind blowing pics!

Oskar Enander Olympus Pro Photographer Showdown 2013 Slideshow from oskar enander on Vimeo.


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The Backyard Project by Justin Lamoureux

I’ll be Justin Lamoureux, I would have hesitate to spoil secrets about such good mountains as the ones that you can find around his home, Squamish. But Justin not only beiing a strong snowboarder but also a super nice dude, he has just delivered to the face of the world a first teaser of what he’s been up during the BC winter. I’m glad to have experienced it for a day with him and filmer Kyle MacDonald.